Brief Key Findings

  • Regulatory T (Treg) cells inhibit non-B non-T colitis (2001)
  • Gut bacteria-triggered innate immunity is sufficient for malignancy (2003)
  • Interleukin-10-dependent immune tolerance to microbes suppresses malignancy (2003)
  • Enteropathogenic bacteria trigger extra-intestinal cancer (2006)
  • Earlier microbe exposures facilitate tolerance and prevent cancer (2006)
  • Feeding of sterile microbes is sufficient for immune tolerance (2010)
  • Adoptive transfer of tolerant immune cells increases lifespan (2010)
  • Gut bacteria, IL10, and mucosal immunity unify cancer with other inflammatory disorders (2010)
  • oral microbe therapy heals wounds 2X faster, promotes healthful aging, prevents age-associated weight gain, and may prevent some types of cancer. (2013)

Recent Presentations

2014.07.11 Invited presentation to Van Andel Institute, Origins of Cancer Conference, Gut microbes and the cancer macroenvironment, Grand Rapids, MI

2014.06.11 TMEN Steering Committee Meeting, GI tract dysbiosis and breast cancer, New York, NY

2014.04.15 Invited presentation to Wellcome Trust, Exploring Human Host-Microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK

2013.07.25 Invited presentation to NIH Human Microbiome Science Conference: Vision for the Future, Bethesda, MD

2012.03.28 Invited presentation to NIEHS Directors' Meeting, Boston, MA

2012.01.27 Invited presentation to Infectious Disease Initiative, The Broad Institute, MIT, Cambridge, MA

2012.01.13 Invited presentation to Center for Environmental Health Sciences, MIT, Cambridge, MA

2011.11.05 Presentation to AACR Tumor Microenvironment, 2011 Conference, Orlando, FL 


Selected Publications  

recent peer-reviewed publications


  • United States of America Serial No. 11/598002, Filed November 13, 2006, "Interleukin-10 Compositions For The Treatment Of Adenocarcinomas" by Anne Davidson, Susan E. Erdman, James G. Fox and Bruce Horwitz

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