With Thanks

We thank our many colleagues and collaborators, present and past, who have worked to make this research possible, including:

  • Dr. Eric Alm
  • Dr. Karen S. Anderson
  • Kelsey Capelle
  • Dr. Christina Clarke-Dur
  • Dr. James G. Fox
  • Dr. David Frank
  • Dr. Richard Friedman
  • Dr. David A. Hafler
  • Dr. JeanMarie Houghton
  • Dr. Bruce Horwitz
  • Yassin Ibrahim
  • Sean Kearney
  • Jessica Lakritz
  • Tatiana Levkovich
  • Dr. Suresh Muthupalani
  • Dr. Prashant Nambiar
  • Dr. Nicola Parry
  • Dr. Theofilos Poutahidis
  • Dr. Barry Rickman
  • Dr. Arlin Rogers
  • Dr. Rao Varada
  • Bernard Varian
  • Dr. Timothy C. Wang
  • Dr. Jerrold M. Ward
  • Alex Springer
  • Eliska Didyk
  • Sravya Gourishetti
  • Jenny Kay

Team Members

Tatiana Levkovich

Theofilos Poutahidis

Jessica Lakritz
Jessica Lakritz

Bernard Varion
Bernard Varian

Sravya Gourishetti
Sravya Gourishetti

Jenny Kay
Jenny Kay

Yassin Ibrahim
Yassin Ibrahim


lab group

alex springer
Alex Springer

Eliska Didyk
Eliska Didyk

Kelsey Capelle

(Others Coming Soon)

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